Oregon Tech Seattle Graduation

Ignite your Career and your Future at Boeing

Oregon Tech Seattle graduates are leaders in their field at Boeing, gaining not only engineering skills and knowledge, but also those professional requisites needed to truly grow and succeed: team work, leadership, project management, problem solving effectively, communicating in all formats, and becoming life-long learners and ethical engineering professionals.

Get your hands dirty with Real Experiences and Real Learning

There's a hands-on application for every theory at Oregon Tech. Yes, you will have to buy books and materials, study, write papers, do team projects, but Oregon Tech Seattle students learn first-hand use of classroom knowledge and reinforce learning through laboratory experiences that enable you to practice, test theories, solve problems, alone and in teams, and apply your knowledge directly to the work for the best possible end product. Our low faculty-to-student ratios (5-1) mean that students get the attention and commitment they need to take their learning to the next level, led by faculty with deep industry experience and who are invested in each individual's success.