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Board of Trustees

Board Bylaws & Policies

The Oregon Tech bylaws establish the framework for how the Board of Trustees operates and governs the university.
Bylaws - Amended January 24, 2019

Motions and Resolutions

Below you will find Motions and Resolutions approved by the Board of Trustees.

Motion Delegating Authority to the President
One-Time Funding Budget Philosophy
Resolution 15-1 Establishing Responsibilities of Individual Trustees
Resolution 15-2 Shared Governance
Resolution 15-3 Authorizing the President to Repeal and Adopt Certain OARs as University Policy (amended)
Resolution 15-4 Authorizing Board Chair to Approve President's OUS Employment Agreement
Resolution 15-5 Adopting Oregon Tech's Mission and Core Themes (rescinded)
Resolution 15-6 Authorizing Investment of University Funds in the Oregon Public University Fund
Resolution 15-7 Approving the Sale of Undivided Interest in Real Property and Improvement in Milwaukie, Oregon
Resolution 15-8 Adopting the Fiscal Year 2015-16 Budget
Resolution 16-1 Acknowledging President's Decision to not Pursue Renewal of his Contract
Resolution 16-2 Appointing Interim President
Resolution 16-3 Authorizing Staff to Develop and Execute a Purchase Agreement for Scappoose Property as part of the OMIC Project
Resolution 18-1 Acknowledging Sufficient Revenue to Support Fully Self-Financing and Self-Liquidating Article XI-F(1) Bonds, Totalling Five Million Dollars in Net Proceeds Through Article XI-F(1) Bonds to be Issued by the State of Oregon for the Benefit of Oregon Tech for the Renovation of Fitness Facilities
Resolution 19-1 Amending and Adopting Oregon Institute of Technology's Mission and Rescinding Resolution 15-5
Resolution 19-2 Delegating Authority to President Naganathan Authorizing Approval and Execution of a Mortgage and Covenant Relating to Acceptance of the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Economic Development Administration Grant